The AJC Trenton Chapter was founded on March 14, 1945. It was one of the original 13 regional AJC chapters. It was founded by Judge Philip Forman, Judge Sidney Goldman and Phil Albert, all of whom became interested in the American Jewish Committee in the early 1930's during Hitler's rise to power. In 1945 the chapter had 42 members. The chapter's focus was on combating anti-Semitism, creating a basis for interfaith cooperation and helping Jewish refugees.

The AJC Essex County Chapter was founded on October 14, 1946. The first meeting was hosted by Julius Cohn, George Goldstein, Herbert Hannoch, Jack Kane, Alan Lowenstein and Milton Manshel and attended by 60 persons. Judge Philip Forman was the principle speaker. He gave an account of his recent mission to Europe and shared with the group AJC’s goals to counteract anti-Semitism.