Iran’s Nuclear Threat


AJC New Jersey, was a charter member of the Stop Iran Now Coalition created by the Community Relations Committee of the Jewish Federation of MetroWest, that worked to garner broad support for divestment from Iran through the mobilization of not only the Jewish community but of all New Jersey residents.

AJC New Jersey members sent letters to state legislators and then-Governor Corzine to advocate for the State of New Jersey to divest its pension plans from companies that do business with Iran. On January 4, 2008, Governor Corzine signed the divestment bill, and the state sold $360 million worth of stock in eleven firms that had business ties to Iran.

 AJC New Jersey’s members extended the letter-writing campaign over the next two years, and also built awareness through university-sponsored conferences and dozens of other programs on the Iranian nuclear threat. AJC New Jersey also participated en masse in the Stand Up for Freedom in Iran Rally in New York City on September 24, 2009.

In January 2010, AJC New Jersey worked with the Community Relations Committee and a teen advocacy group called No Nukes for Iran. These empowered young people focused their efforts on encouraging New Jersey companies to divest from Iran. Their efforts culminated in a well-attended press conference and rally specifically addressing the divestment of Honeywell Industries, a New Jersey-based company which, through a subsidiary company continues to do business with Iran.

Since January of 2012, AJC New Jersey along with the Stop Iran Now Coalition has advocated for the Iran Business Certification and Sanctions Act in both the State Senate and the Assembly. Both houses passed the legislation unanimously in June of 2012 and Governor Christie signed the bill into law on July 31, 2012.