Civil and Religious Liberties

Since its founding, AJC New Jersey has played a large role in the passage of several State civil and religious liberty laws including: The 1949 Freeman Law which amended the Fair Employment Practices Act to include educational institutions and gave the state jurisdiction to deal with discrimination in places of recreation and public accommodation; and the 1961 Fair Housing Act which prohibited racial, religious, and ethnic discrimination in virtually all private housing.

In 2008, New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine signed the Religious Freedom laws, legislation that was supported by AJC New Jersey.

Much of the work which AJC New Jersey has done on behalf of Civil and Religious Liberties involves building coalitions. In 2007, AJC New Jersey joined a broad coalition of religious and community groups in hosting the Darfur Torch Rally. The torch carried the symbolic hope that China would use its influence with Sudan to end the genocide in Darfur.