International Diplomacy

AJC has a 100 year long history of building long-term, high level relationships with heads of state, foreign ministers, diplomats and global religious leaders.  These relationships are the basis for an extensive global network that allows AJC to be at the right place and the right time to advocate on issues that are vital to the welfare of Israel and the global Jewish community.  In addition to our headquarters in NYC, our office in Washington D.C. and 22 US regional offices, AJC has 7 international offices and 31 International partniships with Jewish community organizations around the globe.  AJC delegations are regualrly holding meetings in world capitals, at the United Nations, at the European Union in Brussels and at embassies and consulates around the United States.

As a part of AJC’s global diplomatic outreach, AJC New Jersey has been assigned six countries to cultivate and engage diplomatically--Greece, India, Slovakia, Panama, Costa rica and Nepal.  We have created a core of trained diplomatic volunteers to build relationships with UN ambassadors and consuls general in NYC who represent these six countries.  Our volunteers meet with these representatives formally, attend social functions and correspond regularly between meetings.  In building these relationships we are able to alert our diplomatic counterparts to issues that are important to AJC, urge them to take actions and work together on issues of mutual concern. 

Twice a year our volunteers participate in AJC's National diplomatic efforts including the Diplomatic Marathon at the United Nations in the fall and the Global Forum in Washington, D.C. in the spring.

We offer regular training sessions throughout the year for those interested in learning and practicing the art of diplomacy on behalf of AJC.

If you are interested in getting involved in our Diplomatic Outreach efforts please contact John Rosen at


Global Forum