Intergroup Partners

The list of AJC New Jersey’s intergroup partners is extensive but of particular note in recent years are AJC New Jersey’s immigration and energy and intergroup partnerships. AJC was a long-time member of the New Jersey Immigration Policy Network (NJIPN), a multicultural coalition of New Jersey organizations dedicated to protecting immigrant rights and promoting inclusiveness and full participation of immigrants in the life of the country. Beginning in 2013, AJC New Jersey has developed a new immigration coalition comprised of New Jersey business associations, advocacy organizations and multi-national chambers of commerce who have successfully advocated for a Comprensive Immigration Bill in the Senate and are continuing their joint advocacy efforts with the House of Representatives.

AJC New Jersey was also a founding member of the NJ Coalition for Sustainable Energy Future (NJSEF), which was formed to give a broad response to the New Jersey Energy Master Plan, and has worked with groups like New Jersey Clean Cities Coalition, Green Faith, and Environment New Jersey as well as the Princeton Public Library to sponsor programs educating the community about the need for alternatives to imported oil.

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