AJC NJ Videos

November 19, 2015 Avital Leibovich Discusses the Current Situation in Israel

January 29, 2015 AJC NJ joins Jewish leaders in giving testimony condemning anti-Semitism

November 19, 2014 Daniel Gordis on the Upheaval of 2014 & Israel, AJC Metro New Jersey

November 19, 2014 Interview with Daniel Gordis on the Upheaval of 2014 and What it Means for Israel

November 11, 2014 Interview with Maziar Bahri on Reform in Iran

November 5, 2014 Interview with Irshad Manji on Moral Courage

October 29, 2014 Interview with AJC's Stephan Kramer on AJC's Work on the Ground in Europe

October 24, 2014 JBS Interview with AJC's Rabbi Andy Baker on the Rise of Anti-Semitism in Europe

June 8, 2014 Senator Robert Menendez Addresses AJC Metro New Jersey Region

May 29, 2014 Interview with Professor Gil Troy on the Evolution of anti-Semitism into anti-Zionism

Bilateral Ties Between Israel and India

March 24, 2014 An Interview with AJC's Steve Bayme, "Are settlements an Obstacle to Peace?"

February 27, 2014 Rabbi David Rosen on Shalom TV's L'Chayim

November 26, 2013 TV Asia Broadcast of AJC Commemoration of 2008 Mumbai Terror Attacks

November 7, 2013 David Harris: The Advocacy of the American Jew, Temple Israel, Ridgewood, NJ

October 8, 2013 AJC NJ's Herb Horowitz interviews Dalia Ziada, Egyptian Human Rights Activist

Dalia Ziada interview from AJC Social on Vimeo.

April 4, 2013 AJC New Jersey Immigration Forum, "How Immigration Reform Powers American Competitiveness,"

June 19, 2013 Dr. Jonathan Schanzer speaks to the AJC New Jersey Metro Region at our 2013 Annual Meeting

June 3, 2013 Kim Pimley, AJC New Jersey Central Region Past President, introduces the World Leaders Plenary at AJC's 2013 Global Forum

May 1, 2013 AJC New Jersey Metro Parlor and Policy event featuring Adam Zellner talking about Energy Independence

Global Forum